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Posted By Locky  
13:46 PM
2018 was a busy year, right? Work, kids, work, house chores, work, washing, work Ugh! It’s time for change. 2019 brings the opportunity to start fresh and be a better you. But you said that last year, right? And by February, it was all work, kids, work, house chores… Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it?


Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re going to give you three tips to help make your resolutions come true this year. Read on for a brighter 2019…


1. Make your resolution REALISTIC

A common pitfall when making resolutions is to make them unachievable. We’ve all said it… “I’m not drinking [insert favourite alcoholic beverage] in 2019.” It’s great that you’ve chosen to be healthier, and one sure way to do that is to drink less alcohol. But rather than going cold turkey for a whole year, choose an attainable goal like just drinking less to start with. For all you non-alcoholic drinkers, you might want to ‘insert favouritechocolate/lolly/ice cream/chips, etc.



Spur of the moment decisions at 00:10 am on January 1st (you’ll need at least 10 minutes to wish everyone a happy new year!) are less likely to be adhered to than a well thought out, planned resolution. So give yourself time and don’t rush a decision - who cares if you don’t start your resolution until mid/late January?! If it’s the right one for you, you are more likely to stick to it. And don’t be afraid to talk it through with a friend or family member - if your loved ones know what you want to achieve, they can help you too!


3. PERSISTENCE is key!

A 2009 study looking at habit formation found it can take anywhere between 18-254 days for practiced behaviours to become a habit. So, for some people, it may take only 3 weeks of trying hard at their new resolution before it becomes a part of their everyday life automatically. For others, it might take a lot longer. Either way, be persistent. The evidence shows that if you stick to it, eventually it will become a habit and you’ll just do it without thinking about it.


We hope these tips help you achieve your resolution goals in 2019. One last thing… Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you slip up, in the words of Taylor Swiftshake it off, shake it off” - simply shake it off and jump back on. Life is too short too worry!