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The COVID-19 virus has had and will have big impacts on the community and health system over the weeks, months and years to come.
Here at Inner Balance Health Clinics, we have put in place measures to help limit the spread of the virus, while still providing the care and treatment for those most in need.


What are the processes in place to help minimise the spread of Covid-19?

Anyone required to Self-Isolate under Federal and State Law should NOT attend our clinic until they are medically cleared or until the Law allows them to.


Hand Sanitiser is located at the entry of the clinic, as well as at the reception desk for you to use prior to entry to the clinic and prior to your appointment. There is also sanitiser located within the consultation rooms.


Temperature checks are being taken on patients’ entry to the clinic by our reception team.


Please try to not enter the clinic until your scheduled appointment time.


All Patients and Visitors will be required to sanitise their hands by either washing their hands with soap and water or using the supplied Alcohol Gel on entry and exit of the clinic.


Face masks and goggles/visors will be worn by all practitioners during your consult, and surgical masks by our admin team. You will also notice a cough screen at reception for their safety.


Staff and patients have been instructed to stay home if they feel even a little unwell.


Communal spaces including reception and treatment rooms have been set up to ensure social distancing.


One time use face shields are used in each clinic to cover the face hole in treatment tables.

The treatment beds, head cushions, and desks are thoroughly disinfected between every patient.


Eftpos/HICAPS machine and pens are thoroughly disinfected in between each transaction.


The Treatment Rooms and Open Areas have been cleared of all but essential items so that they are easier to clean, and are cleaned fully on a frequent (multiple times daily) basis.


The above list will be updated as more actions are taken and advice given from Victorian and Australian government.



What have we done, and are continually doing to prevent the spread of the virus and keep staff and patients safe?


We have a large amount of Hospital Grade Antiseptic Wipes, Alcohol-Based Sanitiser, Cleaning Products, face masks, thermometers and have put in place enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures and procedures, for the health and safety of everyone within our clinic.


Our staff have been educated about their responsibilities both at the clinic and away from the clinic, to remain healthy, they have been advised that if they are in any way feeling unwell, to stay home. 


The virus is most effectively combated by hand-washing with soap for 20 seconds and frequent cleaning of surfaces, so you should add this to your routine immediately; as we always have done and will continue to do. 


Increasing infection control procedures
Our staff will clean frequently touched surfaces with appropriate cleaning products and single use paper towel between each client while wearing gloves.

Dispose of gloves/wipes promptly and appropriately and wash hands.

These surfaces include high use areas – light switches, door handles, tables, chairs, kitchen benches

Wiping over equipment at the beginning and end of each day and between clients throughout the day with alcohol wipes or appropriate cleaning products depending on the equipment.

  • Observing cough etiquette i.e. coughing/sneezing into elbow or a tissue
  • Hand washing for 20 seconds regularly throughout the day (as per the 5 motions for hand washing) or using hand sanitiser if hands are not soiled.
  • Avoid touching your hair / face
  • Wash hands before using computer
  • Maintain 1.5 metres distance between clinician and clients
  • Stay home if unwell


I am not sure if I should attend treatment.  What should I do?

We will ask a number of screening questions about your travel history, and potential exposure, to ensure that all staff and patients remain healthy.


If you have had known close contact with a person with COVID-19, do not attend your appointment. Please self-isolate for 14 days as per Australian Government Advice. If possible, please call us so we may reschedule your appointment.


If you have returned from overseas, you will need to self isolate for 14 days according to Australian government regulations.


If you are not a returned traveller, nor had contact with COVID-19:

If you are feeling unwell in any way, please contact us for advice about whether you should attend your appointment.  If you have a fever, cough, excessive runny nose or shortness of breath, then you will be advised to not attend your appointment.


Whats Next?

We will continue to keep you informed during this uncertain time as best as we can.


Please ask our staff any questions you may have about the Coronavirus, including ways to keep you and your family healthy in the upcoming months. We are here to help you and our community.


If you have any questions, please email us at or contact the clinic on 9437 9555.