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Chronic pain and how to treat it

Posted By Locky Goodwin  
14:21 PM

Introducing chronic pain and how to treat it


Hello everyone, and welcome to our July blog! This month we are going to be talking about pain. We can’t believe it’s already halfway through the year. Time certainly does fly! But for the 3.24 million Australians living with chronic pain, it’s just more time spent battling the daily hurdles - getting out of bed, working, socialising, being a parent, everything really! Being in pain for a long time can be debilitating and have a huge impact on a person’s life.


Taking into account running healthcare costs, time and money lost at work, as well as decreased quality of life, the total cost of chronic pain in Australia in 2018 totaled $139.3 billion! It’s a growing problem with a prediction that over 5 million Australians will be affected by chronic pain by the year 2050. As Osteopaths, we work with and treat people who experience chronic pain day in and day out. It’s a complex topic, so we have devised a little introduction to break it down so you can understand more on chronic pain - all in the name of National Pain Week which is due to take place at the end of this month.


What exactly is pain?


Pain is an unpleasant experience. Ask 100 random people in the street if they like to experience pain, and there is a good chance 100% of those people will say “no”. However as unpleasant as it is,pain is an essential part of life. It is our protection mechanism. When we injure ourselves, we feel pain. Sometimes before we even get to the injury stage, we can feel pain… Pain will also stick around for a bit following an injury to remind us that healing needs to take place and that we need to protect the injured area from further damage. It’s a sophisticated alarm system and you have your brain to thank for all of this.Pretty cool huh?


Interestingly, there are people on this earth who cannot and have never felt any pain at all. These people may have a very rare condition called Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP). They are basically born with the inability to feel pain. You might think this could be pretty beneficial-going your whole life without pain.HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found Connection: Close Content-Type: text/html

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