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Maggie Huang (Administration)

Maggie is currently in her 4th year at RMIT University studying Bachelor of Applied Science/Bachelor of Health Science in Osteopathy.


She plans to graduate in 2023 to fulfill her desire of helping hopefully both people and animals feel their best and therefore perform their best, whether it be in sports or everyday life.


Inner balance Health Clinic has played a key role for Maggie to achieve her goals of developing into the best Osteopath she can be.


Maggie has a particular interest in sporting injuries, due to being an avid athlete her life. She hopes to spread a holistic message of health through Osteopathy and working at Inner Balance.


Her passion for Osteopathy stems from the desire for everyone to be able to live their life to the fullest without being held back by injury.


Maggie also has a keen interest in equine and canine Osteopathy. She plans to complete postgraduate studies in equine/canine Osteopathy in the near future. 


Outside of work and University commitments, Maggie enjoys taking care of her horse Tom, bouldering, playing basketball and every other sport under the sun.