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Mr Dean Thanasos (Remedial Massage)


Whether you’re on your feet all day or stuck to a desk, there’s no better way to unwind than a relaxing foot, neck or shoulder rub.


Massages don’t just feel good, they do good, benefiting almost every part of the body.


Through muscle manipulation techniques and stretching, I assist in muscle repair and alleviate stress. I cater to the individual needs of each client and assist in the body’s natural healing process. Leaving you feeling relaxed and centred.  Achieve physical and mental wellness by allowing me to do what I do.


Techniques include –

Myofascial release – Trigger point release – Deeptissue work – Stretching – Manuallymphatic drainage – Postural assessment – Range of motion testing.


All which Improve circulation, nourishes cells and improves waste elimination. Relief from tight muscles, Greater flexibility and range of motion, enhanced energy and vitality.


Be taken care of in a safe space. With 5 years of body work and massage experience, I firmly believe in the healing power of touch. My aim is to treat each client professionally with total care and empathy. Whether the focus is on increasing mobility, reducing pain, relieving stress or enhancing sports performance.  I’ll work with you to provide a better quality of life and improve overall health and wellbeing.