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Dr Jordan Konstan


Jordan’s interest for Osteopathy sparked from a young age. Being heavily
involved in soccer, he had the opportunity to experience the vast benefits of Osteopathic treatment first hand. Still playing competitively – Jordan is now able to integrate his personal sporting experiences with a strong osteopathic foundation to provide the best treatment possible.

Using a holistic approach, Jordan focuses his treatment not only on the
presenting symptoms - but seeks to target the underlying cause in which the issue stems from. He strongly believes the body works as a unit, therefore considers the surrounding structures of the body and how they may be affected.


Through his background in rehabilitation, performance and functional
movement – Jordan is experienced in treating sport-related sprains and strains along with any other injuries associated. In addition to this, he also enjoys the treatment of neck, back and pelvic pain to support optimal function and ensure each patient is moving often and moving well.
Jordan implements various Osteopathic techniques and dry needling to people of all ages.


By identifying the primary goals of the individual, he is able to collaborate with and educate his patient - and also address lifestyle factors that may promote the healing process. Jordan’s main objective is to help each and
every person be the best version of themselves, and his friendly nature and desire to help keeps him inspired to contribute to a better quality of life.