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Dr Elisa Yip (Chin Med)


Elisa is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist, graduating from RMIT in 2006 and has an insatiable thirst for learning.

She likes keeping her brain cells dancing by reading in Chinese and English, and her body alive through Martial Arts.


She likes to balance her frenetic, nerdy energy with quiet moments of nature walks, Chinese ink brush calligraphy, and hopes to one day soon learn to play the beautiful Guzheng (stringed Chinese instrument).


Elisa has a passion for assisting patients with neurological conditions such as Parkinsons disease, Restless leg syndrome and Tourette’s syndrome.  Elisa is very passionate about Traditional Chinese Medicine and helping her patients. She is extremely thorough, listens intently to her patients’ concerns and is extremely well respected by her peers and community.