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Dr Amy Ly (Osteopath)



Amy grew up as an active and sporty teenager. It was through the many injuries sustained, as well as seeing her family and friends dealing with acute and chronic pain, that inspired Amy to pursue her career in Osteopathy.


Since graduating from RMIT University, Amy has worked in private practice within Melbourne and at the local sporting club in the western suburbs.


Amy is a very passionate osteopath and enjoys working with her patients of all ages. Helping her patients in a professional and caring manner is a key priority. She firmly approaches her patients in a holistic aspect addressing the primary cause of their pain rather than just the presenting symptom. She greatly appreciates the diverse range of techniques that Osteopathy has to offer.


She is intrigued to help her patients understand how the human body works for optimal health by tailoring the treatment and management based on the patient’s needs. Getting them back into their daily routine is a top priority. She will always remind her patients of the importance of their posture, especially as we are always caught up with todays technology at the desk or simply using our phone.


When Amy is not working, she likes to be outdoors playing a game of tennis or going on an adventure that involves hiking, cliff jumping and abseiling.


Amy's first language is English yet she is also fluent in Vietnamese.